BandB Innovations

Decorative Bollards
  • British Made
  • Oak and Stainless Steel
  • Removable

Company Profile

b and b bollards are produced by b and b innovations Ltd, a manufacturing and R & D company. We are an innovative business and, in addition to our core activities, we develop specialist products to suit modern day construction and customer requirements.

With an open-minded, forward thinking attitude, we have become involved in a number of different sectors, including patented mobile filter systems, non-slip decking, and, of course, bollard design and distribution. All these products have been produced in response to requests from existing clients. They have been developed by simply listening to their needs, and then creating products to suit their specific requirements.

Bollard Profile

The development of b and b bollards is an example of our 'listening and responding' philosophy. They were originally designed at the request of one of our blue chip clients, whose requirement was for a removable bollard for traffic control, but which, once removed, did not leave a dangerous hole or trip hazard in the road. Also, in this client's case, the remit was to make a bollard from natural materials which would suit their site's woodland setting.

We completed a couple of prototypes and, after further consultation, created a product which they have now adopted for all five of their national sites. These have been so well received that we have decided to make them available for wider distribution.

b and b innovations can, and will, bring innovative solutions to any development or project. We look forward to hearing from you!

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